“CAPEA 40th Anniversary”
 International Open Chess Tournament 1st October 2011.

CAPEA (Spanish Postal Chess Club in Germany) organizes an event to commemorate its 40th anniversary: an Open International Tournament, valid for ICCF Elo rating.

Games shall be played by using the ICCF Webserver. There will be two or three stages depending on the number of entrants: Preliminary, Semifinal and Final. The groups may consist of 7, 9, 11, 13 or 15 players. Each competitor can use up to 50 days for every 10 moves. This time limit will be applicable to all stages.

Although the number of Preliminary groups for each player is unlimited,  no player can belong to more than two groups in the Semifinals or occupy more than one place in the Final.

The composition of groups for Semifinal and Final stages will be announced in future, as soon as the total number of participants is known.

The ICCF Playing Rules will apply to the whole Tournament.

Tournament starting date: 1st October 2011

Registration limit date: 1st September 2011

Prizes:  500 € for the Final Stage winner, as well as a total prize of 500 € to be shared out between the other players having reached that Final Stage. Besides, there will be these additional prizes:
Final Stage
First finisher:  a picture painted by Mr Fernando Arrabal.
Second finisher: FRITZ 12 program - a training program in English and German.
3rd, 4th and 5th finishers: a training program, in English and German.
Preliminary Stage
A “Mate Postal” CD for the first and second finishers in each group.

All interested applicants are required to contact CAPEA Secretary:
Tomás Llorach Gracia   tlg@tinet.fut.es.
They should provide him with the following information:
Last name and first name
Email address
Number of groups they wish to play in

Registration fee: 8 €
PayPal account:   tlg@tinet,fut.es
Bank account data:
Bank name: BANESTO

Current account number: 0030 3183 82 0000860271
I.B.A.N.: ES33 0030 3183 8200 0086 0271
B.I.C. code: ES PC ES MM XXX

This Event is sponsored by:

Further information about the Tournament on CAPEA webpage: