Spanish Postal Chess Club in Germany




CAPEA (Club de Ajedrez Postal Español en Alemania / Spanish Postal Chess Club in Germany) was founded by a group of Spaniards on the 1st January 1971 in Mühlheim am Main (Germany).
During all this time, it has permanently been organizing multiple tournaments for its members, including especially 10th Anniversary International Open, 20th Anniversary Open, Live Chess International Tournament of La Pobla de Lillet (Barcelona), 25th Anniversary International Open, and 40th Anniversary International Open. It has also published the magazine Revista Ajedrez Postal CAPEA - a yearbook
with many articles, analyses and anecdotes on our modality - , as well as an original Calendar.

Following our track record, we are pleased to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2021, and among other events, we will hold two Correspondence Chess Tournaments: 50th ANNIVERSARY OPEN AND

These Tournaments will be governed by the following rules:


It is open to all correspondence chess players, regardless of their ELO ranking.
The transmission of moves will be made through the ICCF server.
Starting date of Qualifying Phase: 15 January 2021. Semifinals are expected to start on the 1st of July 2022 and the Final on the 1st of December 2023.
The call for this Tournament will remain open until 15 November 2020.

Pace of Play: Triple-Block System will be used.
             Qualifying and Semifinal Phases: 15 months’ duration (450 days)
             Final Phase: 18 months’ duration (550 days)
Groups in the Qualifying Phase will consist of 7 or 9 players depending on the number of entrants, trying to get the best possible balance of ELO among them, as well as the most appropriate geographical distribution of players in each group.

The first of each group will qualify for the Semifinal and, depending on the number of  entrants, the second may also qualify. This criterion will be announced at the beginning of the Tournament.
This Tournament is valid for ELO and Norms, according to the ranking in each phase.

PRIZES (in Final Phase):

1st     €1000 and a Cup José María Gutiérrez Dopino 
2nd      €450 and ChessBase Correspondence 2020 (worth €199.90). 
3rd      €300 and Chessbase 15 (worth €189.90).
4th      €150 and Program Fritz 17 2020 (worth €79.90).
5th      €100.

The tiebreak system to be used in all phases will be Baumbach, Sonnen and result between players. If a tie persists in the Qualifying or Semifinal phase once the previously listed rules are applied, and there are several tied players in the places that qualify to the next phase, all these players will pass to the next phase. In the event of a tie in the Final, after all the tie-breaking criteria have been applied, the prize money will be divided equally among all the tied players. However, ChessBase products will be awarded to the player with the highest ELO, at that time, among all tied players. ​


Open Tournament registrations must be made: 
By bank transfer to: IBAN: ES80 2100 5659 4001 0018 9155
Or else through
PAYPAL: tlg@tinet.fut.es
You must also send an e-mail to Tomás Llorach Grácia:     tlg@tinet.fut.es Indicating: 50th ANNIVERSARY OPEN REGISTRATION, and providing: your ICCF ID, full name, ELO rating and e-mail.
The registration fee for the Qualifying phase is €12. Multiple registrations are allowed, but you will qualify for a maximum of two places in the Semifinal.
Those players who have an ELO of 2225 on the date of the Semifinal will be able to enter the Semifinal directly if they pay €20 for registration. No more than two groups of Semifinals can be registered and they will only qualify for one place in the Final.


The Closed Tournament will consist of 13 players, although it can have a minimum of 11 players and up to a maximum of 15. tarting date: 15 January 2021.
It will be played through the ICCF server.
Pace of play: 50 days for every 10 moves. A vacation of 45 days per calendar year is allowed.
Tiebreak system: Baumbach, Sonnen and result between players.
This Tournament is valid for ELO and Norms.
The  participants  must  have  a  minimum  ELO  of  2500.  However,  the  Organization reserves three places of free designation, as long as the inclusion of these players guarantees  that  the  minimum  category  of  the  Tournament  is  10,  although  the Organization intends to achieve an event of category 11 or higher.
The  selection  of  players  will  be  made  in  strict ELO  order  and  with  an  adequate geographical distribution.


1st     €1000 and Cup José María Gutiérrez Dopino
2nd      €450 and Plaque ASOCIACIÓN POSTAL ITALIANA
3rd      €300.
4th      €150.
5th      €100.

If the equality between some of the 5 first classified players persists once the tiebreak system is applied, the cash prizes will be equitably distributed between the tied players in a certain position. Nevertheless the Trophies will be granted to the player with a higher ELO at the end of the event, between those tied in the position to which every Trophy corresponds.
Organization and arbitration will be run by the AEAC.
On CAPEA website www.capea.net you can see the entrants’ list. ​