Eventos Ajedrez en Italia

Desafio Humano - Computer


Greetings from Italy!

I am happy to inform you about two interesting events which will involve Computer Chess.
In both occasion there will be a conference on the matter and after a challenge match Human-Machine.

The first event will be hosted in Genoa (Genova) on November 1st.
It will start at 2.30 pm  in the central "Biblioteca Berio" (Via del Seminario 16).
After the conference, the chess program "Equinox" (it took part to the world championship in pamplona soe months ago) will challenge GM Igor Efimov and WGM Elena Sedina.

The second event will be hosted in Carugate, a village near Milano, on November 6, 7 and 8.
In the night of November 6, there will be  the conference (Auditorium Atrium).
On Saturday, November 7, afternoon there will be an international tournament for computer programs at the Commercial Centre Carosello.
This tournament will go on and end on Sunday, November 8, at Auditorium Atrium, and at the end the first two programs classified will challenge GM Djuric and WGM Olga Zimina.

For both the events I am not yet sure that it will be possible to organize a 'direct' of the games, but immediately after the end, the games will be published on the official web sites.

I hope that the news can be of some interestr for you.

If you need photos of Sedina and Zimina, I can provide them.

Best regards
Adolivio Capece